Somewhere along the line of growing up I became a different person. I do not remember when the transition began, or how it happened, and if it ever ended. I just know I grew up becoming a stranger in my own body.  looking back at my life I start recalling different memories and frown , why do I stand here and not in the past in my precious memories ? How did time fly by so fast , I haven’t  had enough of that life. Then one by one they start gushing and I long for myself to go back , I truly hadn’t had enough. Time flies by and I don’t get to appreciate the unfolding events in my life , I don’t get to cherish the passing moments , it never lasts enough, My future instantly becomes a remote past. I look back and I feel empty my present holds nothing dear to me and my past full of things I don’t know how I failed to hold on to. So now I feel like an imposter in my own body, I feel indifferent to what has yet to come , and I cant tolerate to remember what had past, for I cannot relive it and remembering it brings no joy to me anymore.


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